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Fukuhara co.,ltd was established by Hiroshi Fukuhara in 1971 and located in Yokohama city. Our main products are compressor accessories including condensate drain, oil water separator, air/vacuum filter... etc. These products are widely used in various industries, production line.

In order to achieve the global standard requirement, we are making continuous effort to improve our designs and manufacturing process.
In late years, Fukuhara has been studying and improving our product s quality and supplying various products to a lot of industry as well as reducing manufacturing cost and enhancing working efficiency. As the result, we are no doubt we supply the best products all over the world !!

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Fukuhara Product Lineup

Oil/Water separator Condensate drain N2 generator
Leave the disposal of condensate to Fukuhara
  • Natural fall method

  • PSD type (no power supply)
    PSD8T type ( power supply )

  • Sending by drain pressure
    ( no power supply)

  • XSD type
    SD type

    LSD type

  • Power supply, sending by pump pressure

  • ADP(L) type
Automatic condensate discharge and reduce
of compressor energy consumption
For prevention of a sunspot, the oxidation,
the xanthosis.
  • Membrane separation method
    nitrogen gas generator
  • PSA method nitrogen gas generator
  • PSA+MAX O2 method
  • For tire filling
  • Exclusive use for an injection
    molding machine
  • MAX O2 Oxygen absorber
  • MAX O2 Oxygen gas generator
  • For laser material
    processing machine assists
  • MAX N2 booster
Boostup device Air Filter Air Dryer
Boostup without electrical power
  • PX201-4 (Boostup 2 times 1.6MPa)
  • PX402-4 (Boostup 4 times 2MPa)
  • PX60350-4 (Boostup 6 times 3MPa)
Choice of sanitization, the dehumidification
  • Small size filter series
  • AIRX filter series
  • Mag Trap outside model
  • High pressure filter (4.8MPa)
  • New type element
  • Super Cyclone Separator
Send clean compressed air.
  • Membrane air dryer
  • Micro Mist air filter
  • LAST air dryer
Surfacing oil collection /
production device
Leak Alarm Other products
For reduction of the surfacing oil.
  • Surfacing oil production device
After leaking is too late
  • FL-10DA
    ( Withstand pressure and explosion proof type )
  • FLAH-10DA
    ( For high temperature air cooler type
    Withstand pressure and explosion proof )
  • FL-10 ( Drip proof type )
There is an environmental measures
product elsewhere.
  • Oil density reduction device
  • Delicious air
    DA204 model / DAC1-1 type
  • Oil no Q chan
  • Blow gun
  • Oil Baster

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