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The Super Cyclone Separator remove and discharge condensate and solid from compressed air
efficiently by centrifugal separation.

* Features of SUPER Cyclone Separator
  • Remove oil, water and large solid particle efficiently!! ( 98% )
  • Low pressure drop!!
    ( below 0.5kPa: There is not the change by the period of service )
  • No periodical parts exchange!!
  • No power supply!!
  • Discharge condensate surely!!
    ( Float drain inside type or Mag Trap outside type)
  • With sight glass!!
    (You can see inside of the housing condensate situation visually)
  • Abundant model!! ( 3/8" to 3")
Super Cyclone Separator

Introduction video

* Expample of use point
  • After compressor outlet - for protect downstream dryer (fig.1)
  • After compressor outlet - for protect downstream air tank(fig.2)
  • Upstream of filter - for remove oil/water/large solid particle roughly(fig.4),
    protect the element/ reduce pressure drop.

* Specification
    Initial dropbelow 0.5KPa
    Fulied temperature1.5 to 65 degree C
    Ambient temperature-20 to 50 degree C ( do not allow frozen fulied )
    Operating pressure0.1 to 1.5MPa
    ApplicationsCompressed air
    Removal efficiency98% ( at rated air flow )
    Condensate drainFloat drain inside or Mag Trap outside
    Housing materialAluminum

* Model
    SUPER Cyclone Separator  (Mag Trap outside)
    Housing Model Thread size
    ( inch )
    Air flow volume
    at 0.7MPa
    ( m3/min )
    Outer dimension (mm) Weight
    ( kg )
    SCS085M-12RcRc1 1/28.5761125325154.2
    SCS280AM-20RcRc2 1/228.0984163437107.1

    SUPER Cyclone Separator  (Float drain inside)
    Housing Model Thread size
    ( inch )
    Air flow volume
    at 0.7MPa
    ( m3/min )
    Outer dimension (mm) Weight
    ( kg )

    * In the case except 0.7MPa, please use correction factors.
    Air pressure0.
    Correction factors0.530.650.760.840.921.

* Structure

    The air through into the housing(fig.1) will be adjusted to the most effective angle for centrifugal separation at the upper part of cyclone cartridge(fig.2). The oil/water, and large solid particle that are flung against an inner wall will fall down to the bottom and be discharged, so only air will come out from the center part of the cartridge and flow to downstream(fig.3.4).

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