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    Mag Trap MFT215D
Save Enegry Model

Snapped action from magnetic repulsion, Highly reliable discharge with largest orifice size(Φ1.5) in the industry

1."Zero" air loss
The valve (normal close) will open only when condensate accumulates in the housing, so there is no air loss.
2.Highly reliable discharge
Because Mag Trap uses magnetic repulsion, the motion of valve open/close is sure and high reliable.
3.Hard to be clogged up
Mag Trap discharges condensate from side position with largest orifice size in the industry.
Mag Trap is hard to be clogged up because of the simple structure and snapped action.
4.Power supply unrequired
Mag Trap operates without electrical power supply.
5.Easy maintenance
Mag Trap can disassemble easily, only need taking 4 screws off for it.

Mag Trap MFT215D

    Model Voltage Operation Connector Size Max pressure Dimension
    MFT215D No
    power supply
    Magnet replulsion width float Rc1/2 socket(in)

    1.5MPa 166x109x135 0.9kg


For air filter

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