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* Features of PSD series

    1. Huge dispasable volume and reasonable cost.
        PSD8:150ppm case 8,000L - 6.9 JPY/L
        PSD15:150ppm case 12,000L - 4.2 JPY/L
        PSD22:150ppm case 24,000L - 4.0 JPY/L

    2. At the inside under space of PSD vessel do pre separation with pre treatment tank(P-18). (PSD15 and PSD22)
        Expandable life time of element

    3. No power supply equipment.
        PSD series uses the pressure from electric drain for push condensate and manual putting also possible.

    4. Because of very simple stracture, trouble free.

    5. From 1981, we use only special filter for dispose emulsion.These is no posibility of occur sludge so easy hundling.

* PSD series treatment process * Disposed water

* Handling process

  1. After installation, pour about 10 liters of tap water in order to acclimate the special filter elements.
  2. The capacity of the P18 type separation tank is 18 lites. Do not pour a large amount of drain water at time to prevent overflowing through the cover.
  3. Never feed pour oil.
  4. When replacing a tank, be sure to clean the orifice and strainer at the outlet joint.

* Part name

* Specifications
    Item / Model
    PSD8 PSD15 PSD22
    Compressor Screw type Refer to the Selection chart
    Receipro type
    Oil density at outlet Below 5ppm ( n-hexane )
    Treatment method Filter method
    Max disposable volume 5L/h5L/h10L/h
    Life of filter element Refer to performance and running cost
    Operating method Automated or manual operation using Electronic Trap II
    Inlet air pressure No more than 1.5MPa. The P-18 separation tank is opened to atmosphere.
    The P-XAB tank employs freefall method
    Operating temperatures 0-50℃ ∴Avoid freezing
    Inlet/outlet tube diameter Rc1/4 ( with female screws )
    Dimensions 376(W)x310(D)x438(H)mm 472(W)x385(D)x1,080(H)mm 800(W)x370(D)x1,080(H)mm
    weight 6.3kg 17kg 30kg
    Note 1. The life is dependent on the oil concentration in the untreated condensate water.
    When the oil concentration is 450 ppm, the total treatment capacity drops to 1/3.
    When the oil concentration is 50 ppm, the total treatment capacity triples.(150 ppm standard)

* PSD Vessel performance and running cost
    Items Oil dencity (Note 2)
    100ppm 125ppm 150ppm 300ppm 450ppm
    PSD8 12,000L 9,600L 8,000L 4,000L 2,700L
    PSD15 18,000L 14,400L 12,000L 6,000L 4,000L
    PSD22 36,000L 28,800L 24,000L 12,000L 8,000L
    Jadgement life time The water of outlet tube become cloudy, it is priod of replacement.
    Please replace the body (PSD8) or P-XAB vessel (PSD15,22).
    Note 2. Depend on compressor operating condition, oil consumption volume, load ratio, atmothpheric condition,
    the total disposable volume will change.

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