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* Features of SD series
    1. Have attained the effluent standard of Water Pollution Control Law.
        Treatment for reducing the oil concentration ( content of n-hexane extracts ) below 5 ppm.

    2. Offers substantial cost reduction and disposal of waste condensate.

    3. Can contribute to acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.

    4. Special filter element performance is the best in the industry, enabling treatment of emulsified condensate and synthetic oil.

    5. Very simple construction without using a power supply, pump or other electrical equipment ( Pressure feed method ).

* SD series treatment process

* Disposed water

* Specifications

CompressorScrew type Refer to the Selection chart
Receipro type
Oil density at outlet Below 5ppm ( n-hexane )
Disposal method Filter
Max disposable volume 18L/h 36L/h 75L/h 108L/h
Number of
element vessel
AB vesselx1 AB vesselx2 AB vesselx4 AB vesselx6
Total treatment
Refer to performance and running cost
Operating method Use electrical drain (Note 1)
2-50℃ ∴Avoid freezing (Note 2)
Maximun orparation pressur /
inner/outer drainer
Below 0.8Mpa / Rc1/2
Outer dimention 840(W)x385(D)x1,395(H)mm 590(W)x590(D)x1,370(H)mm 830(W)x590(D)x1,370(H)mm 1,310(W)x590(D)x1,420(H)mm
Weight 95kg 130kg 190kg 250kg
Note 1. Please use ELECTRIC TRAP2 drain at the upstream condensate line.
And when use SUPER TRAP, please read the manual carefuly and set timer as short as possible ( 3 sec )
Note 2. At below 0℃ condition, please avoid freezing.

* A vessel and B vessel performance and running cost

Items SD37B SD75B SD150B SD220B
Oil density (Note 3) Total disposable
volume (L)
Running cost
Total disposable
volume (L)
Running cost
Total disposable
volume (L)
Running cost
Total disposable
volume (L)
Running cost
150ppm 27,5002.5 55,0002.5 110,0002.5 165,0002.5
300ppm 13,7505.0 27,5005.0 55,0005.0 82,5005.0
Note 3. Depend on compressor operating condition, oil consumption volume, load ratio and atmothpheric condition,
the total disposable volume will change.

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