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    Super Trap ST220
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Super Trap

Super Trap ST220

    Application : 22kw - 220kw compressor, dryer, tank at middle climate zone. ( refer to the Selection Chart )
  • Super Trap is most suitable for discharge condensate that is high viscosity, and include much sludge like at the after cooler
    of middle/large size of compressor, condensate separator, air tank, dryer.
  • Super Trap doesn't use any strainer, for that, you will not see the un-discharge trouble that may come from clogged up.

    Model Voltage Operation Connector Size Max pressure Dimension
    ST220 AC200-240V
    single phase
    Valve open 2-20sec(Variableness)
    Cycle 2-60min(Variableness)
    During push the manual switch
    button, valve open

    1.5MPa 312x154x110 4.6kg


        On process.

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