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    Electronic Trap II UPII
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Electronic Trap II

Electronic Trap II UPII

    Application : 0.4kw - 37kw compressor, dryer, tank, filter at middle climate zone. ( refer to the Selection Chart )
  • During compressor on load, UPII will discharge condensate diligently and surely.
  • The condensate discharge time and the cycle are variableness, you can adjust those depend on condensate volume.
  • You can use UPII for either a pressure switch type compressor or an unload type compressor.

    Model Voltage Operation Connector Size Max pressure Dimension
    UPII AC200-240V
    Single Phase
    Valve open 2-20sec(Variableness)
    Cycle 2-60 min(Variableness)
    During push the manual switch
    button, valve open
    G1/4B (in)
    1.5MPa 188x113x119 2.1kg


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